Documenting Skiing Into The Future

Level 1 × 77mm Looking Back T

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When Christian Sant - Creative Director of Park City's Fashion Brand and Design House 77MM - reached out to us in late 2020 with the idea of a collaboration, it seemed like a no brainer. Inspired by Swiss design and infographics, he wanted to create an homage to the long lasting legacy of Level 1 movies.

Christian explains his motivation: "Level 1 is instrumental in sharing the best aspects of skiing, all around the world. When I dropped my snowboard in 7th grade and picked up some skis, their videos were my first introduction to digital media. The emphasis on excellence and evolution was inspiring: the music, the editing, the graphics, the clothing. Instead of copying what the California kids were doing, Level 1’s ski videos gave me a culture I could belong to. Underground beats, backcountry kickers, urban rails, international travel, and oversized tees—I was hooked."

Level 1's Creative Director Schui went through the archives - very dusty old hard drives - digging up all the old movie logos that usually worked as the kick-starter for the look and feel of the entire feature film. 

Christian adds: "To me and many others, Level 1 has been the forefront of ski culture for the past 20 years. This project is many months in the making: rewatching the videos, referencing graphics and posters, and studying the athletes and locations. It has been both humbling and awe-inspiring."

The result is a crisp, clean heavy weight T, with a design that looks through the future of skiing happening in Realtime.

  • 6.9 oz., 100% heavy weight cotton
  • Drop shoulder, regular fitted t-shirt
  • Screen print on the front and back
Level 1 x 77mm Collage


77MM is the final evolution of an ongoing project started in 2016 that has followed us around the world to New York, Germany, Los Angeles, and now finally to Park City. Now settled in the mountains of Utah, our vision has refined and our driving purpose has been made clear. We move forward hoping to share the best aspect of Skiing and Mountain Living through contemporary themes found in technical outerwear, critical graphic design, and architectural development.

Through our travels, we became fascinated with the connection between mountain sports and the architectural developments of the associated areas. We learned about Howard Head, the aeronautical engineer who’s credited with the first aluminum ski, and the effect that that one invention eventually had on all mountain sporting. The reshaping of traditional straight Nordic ski in a new material allowed for a more dramatic turn radius which opened up a new world of creativity resulting in a new culture, subsequently followed by further architectural development.

It’s with that fascination in the causal relationship between physical product and culture that 77mm (the tail width of the first Howard Head aluminum standard ski) will begin to explore the physical manifestations derived from Skiing and Mountain Living. Our driving thesis is that the reshaping of physical product inevitably changes culture—manifested through perceptions, actions, language, art, design, music, and architecture. Simply put, if we can reinterpret the product surrounding skiing, could we eventually influence the architectural development and overall perception of a geographical area and its culture.

77MM is a Fashion House & Design Office based in Park City, Utah. Exploring On & Off Mountain Practices expressed through Skiing, Hiking and Standard Issue products.
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