Superunknown XII Finals - Recap and Edits

SuperUnknown XII Finals
Presented by Carinthia at Mount Snow | | Outdoor Tech | Anon | Sony ActionCam | Phunkshun

Photos: Jamie Walter

Hyped to announce the winner of Superunknown XII - Jonah Williams! In what was a long week at Carinthia at Mount Snow where everyone in the crew crushed- even the injured folks on one ski- Jonah demonstrated consistency, style, and the ability to send it on everything in such a way that he racked up the most votes from the rest of the Finalists. A big congrats to Jonah, and the rest of the SuperUnknown XII Finalists - such an amazing week! Much thanks to all our partners and supporters that helped to make it happen!  



Jonah Williams SuperUnknown XII


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