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What is SuperUnknown?

The original video talent search contest and still the biggest and best! Started back in 2004 as a way to give talented skiers a chance to gain exposure, sponsorship, and a shot at filming with Level 1, SuperUnknown™ set out to provide an alternate route to exposure outside of the traditional competition scene.

Over a decade later the players have changed but the game is still the same- each year Level 1 receives nearly one hundred entries from around the globe from the most skilled and talented amateurs hoping to take the coveted title.


Past SuperUnknown™ Winners include

Year Event Winner
2004 SuperUnknown I Corey Vanular
2005 SuperUnknown II JD Zicat
2006 SuperUnknown III Michael Clarke
2007 SuperUnknown IV Tom Wallisch
2008 SuperUnknown V Jon Brogan
2009 SuperUnknown VI Niklas Eriksson
2010 SuperUnknown VII Logan Imlach
2011 SuperUnknown VIII Sig Tveit
2012 SuperUnknown IX Lucas Stål Madison
2013 SuperUnknown X Magnus Granér Watch Finals Recap
2014 SuperUnknown XI Mitchell Brower Watch Finals Recap
2015 SuperUnknown XII Jonah Williams Watch Finals Recap
2016 SuperUnknown XIII Keegan Kilbride Watch Finals Recap
2017 SuperUnknown XIV Oliver Karlberg Watch Finals Recap
2018 SuperUnknown XV Remco Kayser Watch Finals Recap
2019 SuperUnknown XVI ♀ Giorgia Bertoncini
♂ Blake Wilson
Watch Finals Recap
2020 SuperUnknown XVII Awards combined with 2021 Finals took place in 2021
2021 SuperUnknown XVII+I
♀ Skye Clarke
♂ Oscar Weary
Watch Finals Recap
2022 SuperUnknown XIX
♀ Tereza Korábová
♂ Mathieu Dufresne
Watch Finals Recap
2023 SuperUnknown 20
♀ Caoimhe Heavey
♂ Mikkel Brusletto Kaupang
Watch Finals Recap