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SuperUnknown X Finals - Recap and Edits

Posted on April 17 2013

Magnus Granér SuperUnknown X

For the 10th annual installment of SuperUnknown the contest left the confines of the internet and became a live event, further redefining the biggest and best talent search in action sports.  Superunknown X brought in over 100 entries from around the world, as the hungriest as most talented up-and-comers in the game tried to follow in the footsteps of previous winners and make a name for themselves in the ski video scene.

Back in April of 2013, the eleven Superunknown X finalists from around the globe came together in Sun Valley, ID for a week long park shoot with Level 1. After 7 days of filming, the finalists cast their votes and crowned Magnus Graner the winner, helping to launch what became a storied and influential career.







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