SuperUnknown XVI Finals - Recap and Edits

SuperUnknown XVI Finals - Recap and Edits
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(Photos: Laura Obermeyer)

This year’s field of Finalists represented the most diverse crop yet, in their backgrounds, hometowns, styles, and interpretations of skiing and it made for one of the most entertaining Finals yet. “Every 10 seconds you see another insane trick,” said Blake Wilson “and everyone was doing their own thing.” “Everyone killed it, for every different reason” added Monty Wright.

There’s no doubt that with such a diverse crew there’s bound to be some surprises throughout a week-long shoot, however, in perhaps the biggest SuperUnknown plot twist yet, when all the votes were counted it was Blake Wilson who stood on top, walking away with the title amongst a field of some of the most talented park skiers in the world.

Blake Wilson SuperUnknown XVI
“He’s a full on backcountry skier and never really rides rails or park” commented Andrin Tgetgel, “but he really killed it on every single feature.” “I haven’t hit rails in a year, and its been about 5 years since I skied a lot of park so I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into this week,” added Blake. “This is definitely a surprise, there’s such a super stacked crew and it was amazing to session with you all, I’m honored.”

Giorgia Bertoncini SuperUnknown XVIAnd what about Giorgia?! Sadly, as she tells it, “shit happens.” In this case shit happened on the first run at the very start of the first day on the hill when Giorgia dropped into the pipe and went down on her very first hit, before the cameras started rolling. A sideways straight-legged landing tweaked her knee and her story at SuperUnknown ended with the first chapter. Despite the tweaked knee and crutches keeping her on the sideline Giorgia was undeterred- "I think that this is a great experience to show to the girl’s freeski world that there is not just normal competition, there are other ways for them to get noticed and pursue a career with shooting video.”

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