SuperUnknown XVI Finals Part 3

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Winter Park Wells Lamont

This year’s field of Finalists represented the most diverse crop yet, in their backgrounds, hometowns, styles, and interpretations of skiing and it made for one of the most entertaining Finals yet. “Every 10 seconds you see another insane trick,” said Blake Wilson “and everyone was doing their own thing.” “Everyone killed it, for every different reason” added Monty Wright.

A big congrats to all of our Finalists:

🇮🇹Giorgia Bertoncini, 🇬🇧Monty Wright, 🇨🇭Andrin Tgetgel, 🇫🇮Joona Sipola, 🇺🇸Carson Kerr, 🇺🇸Tucker Fitz Simons, 🇺🇸Blake Wilson, 🇺🇸John Brown, 🇳🇿Dane Kirk, 🇦🇺Martin Longhitano, 🇸🇪Anton Lindén


SuperUnknown XVI Class of 2019


Watch Part 1 and Part 2


(Photos: Laura Obermeyer)


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