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SuperUnknown XIV Finals Recap

Posted on 01 May 2017

Presented by and Sierra at Tahoe

The 14th Annual SuperUnknown contest went off last week at Sierra at Tahoe, bringing together 10 Finalists from around the word, including Chase Mohrman, Ben Zins, Vincent Prevost, Miika Virkki, Siver Voll, Oliver Karlberg, Aleksi Patja, Rory Walsh, Zach Masi, and Sampo Vallotton. Unfortunately Simon Bartik couldn't be there due to injury and we gave his spot to Sampo.

In this first of three action-packed edits, meet our Finalists and watch them find 101 different ways to hit one of the most perfectly-sculpted features SuperUnknown Finals has ever seen.

In the second edit, our crew rallies to the backside of Sierra at Tahoe to hit up the famed Huckleberry Canyon windlip- the first sidecountry/pow kicker experience for much of the crew, before moving on to some rail features.

And in the third edit the sessions continue in the Cali sun, shots are stacked, and decisions are made as a winner is voted!

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