Documenting Skiing Into The Future


Posted on December 16 2019


Former Level 1 Cinematographer and Co-Director Jonny Durst looked into a crystal ball a few short years ago and saw that the future of action sports cinematography was (among other things) in FPV drones. With a few years of practice, a well-trained eye for both cinematography and action, and a LOT of skill, Jonny found that he could move a camera anywhere to keep up with the action, change perspectives, and create shots unlike anything viewers and fans had ever seen before.

Jonny joined the crew last season in the filming of Romance, taking trips to Revelstoke, BC; Helsinki, Finland; Salt Lake City, UT; and Sierra at Tahoe, CA.  While many of Jonny's best shots appeared in the movie, his short film FREEZR puts them all together in creating a ski edit that stands on it's own as something entirely unique in the world of snow, and action sports.

Featuring the skiing talents of: Will Wesson, Khai Krepela, Will Berman, Ethan Swadburg, Laurent De Martin, Chris Logan, Duncan Adams, Emile Bergeron, McRae Williams, and more.

Enjoy, and see more of Blastr on Youtube!

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