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Maneuvers – Behind the Scenes

Posted on February 10 2022


Ever wondered how Manöver was made?

"Maneuvers (Manöver)" is an experimental animation film combining skiing with stop-motion animation. Take a look at the behind the scenes.

Professional skier, filmmaker, musician, and artist Sami Ortlieb has left his mark on a number of Level 1's films over the years, including 2019’s Romance, where his standout segment combining ski action and animation blew minds. “Maneuvers (Manöver)” has since been featured in a number of film festivals and has now been bestowed with the honor of a Vimeo Staff Pick!



Along with cinematographer Robin Lee and skiers Rob Heule, Remco Kayser, Dane Kirk, and Andrin Tgetgel, Sami spent months scouting locations, shoveling snow, stacking logs, and logging a staggering amount of clips. Read up on Sami’s inspiration, process, and the heavy lifting done in post production to bring his vision to life on the Vimeo blog.


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