SuperUnknown 21 - Pro Invites

SuperUnknown 21 - Pro Invites

We've pulled in over 40 pros from around the world to join the 16 SuperUnknown 21 Finalists for a week at the legendary Mammoth Unbound. See the list of pros below:

Andy Parry 
Beau-James Wells 
Benjamin Carlund 
Bennie Osnow 
Benny Smith 
Birk Irving 
Blake Wilson 
Caoimhe Heavey 
Clayton Vila 
Cody Laplante 
Dakota Connole 
Daniel Bacher 
Dasha Agofonava 
Ed Joy 
Ethan Swadburg 
Forster Meeks 
Jackson Wells 
Jake Mageau 
Jed Waters 
Jonah Williams 
Keegan Kilbride 
Kuura Koivisto 
Laurent de Martin 
Liam Downey 
Luca Harrington 
Mac Forehand 
Marin Hamill 
Mat Dufresne 
Oliver Karlberg 
Olivia Asselin 
Oscar Weary 
Paddy Flanagan 
Parker White 
Pete Koukov 
PK Norvell 
Rell Harwood 
Remco Keyser 
Ryan Stevenson 
Sami Ortlieb 
Sampo Valloton 
Shonny Charbonneau 
Skye Clarke 
Taylor Lundquist 
Topher Newett 
Tucker Fitzsimons 
Will Berman 
Will Wesson 


About SuperUnknown 21

SuperUnknown 21 pulled in entries from talented amateurs around the globe- each entrant displaying their own unique take on skiing- some street, some park, some pow, and some a mix of everything. Figuring out how to compare and judge one against the next continues to be a huge challenge and while we can’t say that we have the perfect formula, after spending countless hours consulting with athletes, media, and the Level 1 staff and rewatching most of these entries more times than we can count we have a list of Finalists that we stand behind.

A lot has changed since we kicked off SuperUnknown back in 2003. Skiing has come a long way- style, technicality, and creativity has changed, developed, and progressed so far beyond what we could ever have imagined and it’s safe to say that tricks are officially at video-game levels.

The landscape of competition, the internet, and video parts is barely recognizable compared to what it once was- but the one constant is that there’s always a crop of talented amateurs around the globe poised for a breakout, and they’re able to use SuperUnknown to take that next step!

We’re excited to announce this year’s crop of Finalists who will join us at Mammoth Mountain from April 18th through April 24, including 10 Men and 6 Women. After a week of shredding and shooting, they’ll cast their votes for the winners of the 21st SuperUnknown!


Watch the Finalist's entries that got them accepted into this year's SuperUnknown!


Presented by Mammoth Mountain Unbound Terrain ParksMonster Energy, Oskar Blues Dale's Pale AleWells Lamont and Freeskier


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