SuperUnknown XV Semi-Finalists

SuperUnknown XV Semi-Finalists

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If there’s anything that we can say for certain after spending the past few weeks reviewing this year’s Superunknown entries, its that the talent pool has never been deeper- there’s more variation in style, influence, and inspiration than ever before.

Superunknown XV pulled in nearly 90 entries from talented amateurs around the globe- each entrant displaying their own unique take on skiing- some street, some park, some pow, and some a mix of everything. Figuring out how to compare and judge one against the next continues to be a huge challenge and while we can’t say that we have the perfect formula, after spending countless hours consulting with athletes, media, and the Level 1 staff and rewatching most of these entries more times than we can count we have a list of 16 Semi-Finalists, and 9 Finalists that we stand behind.

Robert André Ruud

Tuukka Pöri

Aki Vallioniemi

Dane Kirk

Ben Zins

Justin DL

Mark Draper

Johannes Rohrmoser

Knut Fineid

Jack Finn

Mike Cappola

Connor Crabbe

Cody Ray

Simon Grissemann

Eero Haukkala

Phil Gaucher


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