SuperUnknown XVII+I Recap 2 is Live!

Presented by:

Woodward Eldora Saga

Days 2 and 3 of SuperUnknown Finals saw the fog roll in, and the crew delivered heat amidst the gnarliest week of weather we have ever had at a Finals event.  The Woodward Eldora park crew tee'd up some nasty challenge rails, including a Quad Kink with a 30-foot downrail at the end, and an Elbow to DFD that the athletes got slimy on.  Tap in now to watch the Finalists throw down!




2021 Female Finalists

Bella Bacon, 17, USA

Skye Clarke, 18, CAN

McKenna Brown, 20, USA

Cat Agnew, 24, CAN

Marin Hamill, 19, USA

2021 Male Finalists

Oscar Weary, 22, USA

Max Siudak, 17, USA

Kyle Coxworth, 26, CAN

Matt Martin, 23, CAN

Bennie Osnow, 20, USA

Mason Kennedy, 27, USA

Danya Manyak, 17, USA

Luke O'Brien, 22, USA

Chris Bechtold, 22, USA

Seamus Flanagan, 24, USA

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