SuperUnknown XVII Wild Card Poll

SuperUnknown XVII Wild Card Poll

Presented by Carinthia at Mount SnowWells Lamont, Saga and 

Help us decide the Wildcard Poll spots for the SuperUnknown XVII Finals! Polls are open from Friday March 13th until March 20th 12pm MST.

Help us decide who should take the 10th Men’s and 3rd Women's spot in the Finals- its up to YOU to decide! Give each of the Semi-Finalists a watch and vote for your favorite to join the other Finalists and our crew at Carinthia at Mount Snow from April 6-12th for a shot at the title! The Wildcard Poll is open from March 13th until March 20th 12pm (MST)- spread the word and vote once each day.

Women's Semi-Finalists:






Men's Semi-Finalists:
















Pick your favorite Men's Semi-Finalist
Andrew Hoblitzelle
Andrey Anufriev
Bennie Osnow
Christian Moser
Kellan Baker
Mark Draper
Mason Kennedy
Mathias Høgås
Oscar Weary
Rob Wilkinson
Ryan Kennedy
Seamus Flanagan
Severin Guggemoos
Tom Greenway
Tyler Curle
Wesley Rumball
Pick your favorite Female Semi-Finalist
Anna Costacurta
Grace Henderson
Lauren Bendixen
Madeliene Jones
Mckenna Brown

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