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Directed By Josh Berman
Produced By Josh Berman
Principal Cinematography By Josh Berman and Sean Steigemeier
Edited By Josh Berman

About Balance:

The video that started it all!
There existed an unrecognized balance between the level of skiing talent on the East Coast and the rest of the country, and for many years it was necessary for skiers to first make the pilgrimage out West before they were even given the opportunity to be discovered. Balance set out to change all that, as the first ever East Coast (based!) feature.


Sarah Burke, Scott Hibbert, Garrett Brittain, Rory Will, Josh Novotny, Boyd Easley, Tanner Hall, Rex Thomas, Eric Hjorliefson, Marc Belliveau, Rory Will, Tanner Hall, Jon Kozody, Jermy April, Botd Easley, Skogen Sprang, Candide Thovex, Scott Hibbert, Rex Thomas, Josh Novotny, CR Johnson, Phil Belanger, Mark Belliveau, Eric Hjorlieferson, Schrad Brothers, Andy Woods, Sarah Burke, Rachel Belliveau, Chris Turpin, Garrett Brittain, Michael Deshenaux, Philou Pirier.


Killington, VT, Mammoth, CA, Mount Snow, VT, Mont Ste. Marie, QU, Snowbird, UT, Squaw Valley, CA, Stratton, VT, Sunday River, ME, Tremblant, QU, Vail, CO, Waterville Valley, NH, Whistler, BC

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