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  • Realtime

Level 1


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Produced By Josh Berman
Principal Cinematography By Josh Berman and Freedle Coty
By Josh Berman and Kyle Decker

About Realtime:

Six months of skiing action. Lots of snow. Weeks of rain. Sun. Clouds. Fog. Blue Skies. Unforgiving concrete. Untracked landings. Low Pressure. High fives. Triple kinks. Double grabs. Too much speed. Not enough gas. Underrotated. Overtweaked. A chronological portrayal of the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the ’06-’07 exactly as it happened. Level 1 brings you, ‘REALTIME.’
Directed by award-winning filmmaker Josh Berman and shot in HD across the globe, Realtime captures the season as it unfolds for a crew of the biggest names and best up and coming talent in skiing. In a winter quite unlike any other to date, Level 1 throws down a fresh new format with their trademark style, and nothing short of the best cinematography in action sports filmmaking.


Tanner Rainville, Wiley Miller, Corey Vanular, Travis Redd, Ahmet Dadali, Stefan Thomas, Stelle Spence, Liam Downey, Mike Hornbeck, Sean Decker, Dan Marion, Tom Wallisch, Adam Delorme, Michael Clarke, Richard Permin, Matt Philippi, & Friends


Denver, CO, Hokkaido, Japan, Sledneck, MT, Wasatch, Utah, Hitormiss, Norway, Lake Tahoe, CA, Whistler, BC, Summit County, CO, Island Lake Lodge, BC

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