Small World Premiere Recap

Small World Premiere Recap
Walking down Broadway Street in downtown Denver, at around 7:00 on Saturday night, you would have noticed the crowds that had already started to gather on the sidewalk outside of City Hall. But this wasn’t a Black Friday campout at Walmart, or a Taylor Swift concert. They were waiting for what still remains to be the official kickoff of the winter season- a ski film premiere.

In this case that film was ‘Small World’ – Level 1’s 16th ski motion picture project. In comparison, ‘Small World’ takes a slight format departure from the vein running through the rest of this hefty catalogue, choosing to explore the some of the ski communities' outer fringes around the globe, while remaining true to a rejuvenated group of it’s core athletes, debatably making the 55 minute movie one of Level 1’s best in years.

On hand from this tribe of skiers was Will Wesson, Tatum Monod, Shay Lee, Mitchell Brower, Tanner Rainville, Jonah Williams, Wiley Miller, Sandy Boville, Khai Krepela and McRae Williams. After starting the evening at Wurstküche, Denver’s newest German style beer hall, the full spectrum ski party at City Hall kicked into high gear with poster signings, gear raffle, a full set from DJ Simone Says, and the perennial pre-show video entertainment. ‘Small World’ ultimately lit up the big screen in the packed hall, delivering the whole package of skiing cinema before the crowds dissipated into the after party to cap off the night.

As always, the premiere experience is one not be missed. Not everyone can be at the debut in Denver, but the tour is just getting going! ‘Small World’ comes to Salt Lake City this Wednesday, the 16th, with Bozeman, MT following on Friday the 25th. Check our events calendar for an updated listing for your area, or get some info on how to host a tour stop of your own!

Many thanks to our partners that make this tour possible! Taos Mountain Energy Bar, Outdoor Tech, Faction Skis, Daleboot, Saga, Line Skis, Tall T Productions, Buff, Newschoolers, Wurstkuche, Folsom Skis, and Aspen Brewing Company.

‘Small World’ will be available for download, streaming, and rental exclusively on Vimeo on Demand on September 21st, and iTunes, XBox, Playstation, Google Play, and other platforms to follow! Of course for those looking for a hard copy on DVD/BluRay, we still have what you need- these should be shipping in early October.

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Photos by Ryan Hackbarth/Outdoor Tech and Savannah Pitts

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