Day 1 – Trevor Kennison


January 4th, 2020 was the first day that Trevor Kennison ventured into the backcountry as an adaptive athlete. A snowboarding accident at Vail Pass, CO just over five years prior had taken away the use of his legs, leaving him with an entirely new set of challenges and a newfound perspective on life.

Filmmaker Josh Berman had connected with Trevor months before, and the two were beginning production for a documentary film that would tell Trevor’s story.  January 4th was also the first day that Josh and Trevor shot together for their project. “For me, the goal of that first day was to answer some logistical questions,” Josh explains. “How exactly would we move Trevor and his gear around, how comfortable would Trevor be in the backcountry, and most importantly, what extra safety protocols would we need to put in place. I brought a camera and started capturing everything, but there were zero expectations that much would come from it.”

Trevor Kennison 

“I’ve since learned that every time you shoot something with Trevor some sort of magic is bound to happen, and by the end of that day I knew we had something special.” The resulting short, aptly titled “Day 1” has since screened at dozens of prestigious film festivals around the globe and taken home a few awards in the process. 

Trevor and Josh’s feature documentary film “Full Circle” is slated for release Fall of 2022, telling Trevor’s story and much, much more.

A Film by Josh Berman

Special thanks to:

Birk Irving
Jaxin Hoerter
Ross Soriano
Samantha Soriano
Jamie Edmondson
Devin Kearns
Forrest Berman

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