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CAST – Forre

Posted on November 02 2022

The fifth full length video from Forre. Follow along @forre4life on IG.

Directed, filmed and edited by Arttu Heikkinen.
Produced by Harald Hellström, Tall T Dan, Conor Smith.
Sound design Antti Seppä-Lassila / Arttu Heikkinen.
Art director Mainio Ormio.
Skiing by Matias Suomi, Eemil Aro, Joona Sipola, Harald Hellström, Mainio Ormio, Anni Kärävä, Teemu Tirkkonen, Lauri Kivari, Ailo Riponiemi, Tuukka Pöri.


Supported by Line Skis, Arsenic Anywhere, Vishnu Freeski, Surface Skis, and Level 1.

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