PSYCHOACTIV is the culmination of one's skiing experience.

Skiing the streets alters mood, behaviour, cognition & perception. Much like a psychoactive substance we use skiing recreationally, medically or spiritually to purposefully enhance our lives. Much like a psychoactive substance it created some hardships for some of us with head injuries changing our lives & shaping our uncertain future.

We worked hard to showcase the many versions of ourselves we encounter on life's path. Emotions shape our perception & in this ski film we hope you can truly feel how every mood is important to create a well balanced life. We wish to never shy away from the hard times that shape us.

Directed by Rudy Lepine.

Produced by Rudy Lepine & Tristan Steen.

Filmed by Tristan Steen, Etienne Yockell, Rudy Lepine, William Pichette, Loïc Thivierge & Oscar Weary.

Edited by Tristan Steen & Rudy Lepine.

Skiing by William Pichette, Loïc Thivierge, Oscar Weary & Rudy Lepine.

Supported by ON3P Skis, Guayaki Yerba Mate & Arsenic Anywhere.

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