SuperUnknown 20 Kicks off at Mammoth Unbound

SuperUnknown 20 Kicks off at Mammoth Unbound

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We're hyped up to be typing this to you from Mammoth, the best destination on the planet for spring park skiing. Finals kicks off TOMORROW! Follow along to see which Male AND Female SuperUnknown Finalist takes home the SuperUnknown title and the $2,500 cash prize. Around 40 of your favorite pros will be traveling out to session with us- Find out who will be joining us below.

Stay tuned for live updates all week long on the @Level1 and @Newschoolers accounts.

The SuperUnknown 20 Finalists are:

Audrey Friess, 21 🇺🇸
Caoimhe Heavey, 18 🇨🇦
Drew Hooker, 18 🇺🇸
Isabelle Lacour, 25 🇨🇦
Laura Wallner, 24 🇦🇹
Connie Brogden, 21 🇬🇧

Aki Vallioniemi, 24 🇫🇮
Andrew Egan, 26 🇺🇸
Carson Sharp, 25 🇨🇦
Julius Champion, 25 🇫🇷
Justin Kennedy, 27 🇺🇸
Mikkel Brusletto Kaupang, 24 🇳🇴
Phil Gaucher, 25 🇨🇦
Ridge Dirksmeier, 20 🇺🇸
Will Griffith, 22 🇺🇸
Chris Boyer, 24 🇺🇸 

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of SuperUnknown, we will also be inviting a bunch of the top freeski talent from all over the world to ski with us- from past SuperUnknown winners, to OG's we all know and love, to today's most skilled athletes. This year's finalists will have a chance to throw down with some of the greatest to ever do it during a week long session and park shoot. Joining us in Mammoth Mountain, CA are:

Bennie Osnow
Calvin Barrett
Charlie Owens
Chris Logan
Clayton Vila
Dasha Agofonava
Issac Simhon
Jake Mageau
Jonah Williams
Keegan Kilbride
Kuura Koivisto
Laurent de Martin
Lucas Wachs
Marin Hamill
Mat Dufresne
McKenna Brown
Oscar Weary
Parker White
Pete Koukov
Quinn Wolferman
Rell Harwood
Remco Keyser
Rosina Friedel
Rudy Lépine
Sam Zahner
Sami Ortlieb
Sampo Valloton
Seamus Flanagan
Skye Clarke
Tanner Rainville
Taylor Lundquist
Tereza Korábová
Tom Wallisch
Tucker Fitzsimons
Will Berman
Young Snow

... and more! This next week is going to be crazy. Be sure to stay tuned to Instagram and TikTok for snippets of the event and to follow along!


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