SuperUnknown is now SuperKnown

SuperUnknown is now SuperKnown
Level 1 is proud to announce that we’re rebranding SuperUnknown to SuperKnown! Over the past 18 years the media landscape has seen significant change and with the rise of social media no longer is any up and coming athlete truly unknown. We’re embracing change and adapting this year’s event to reflect what it really is- a who’s who of athletes hand-selected by the Level 1 staff regardless of how well known they actually are! Throw in the pandemic, travel restrictions and sponsor relationships and we’re fully reworking the old formula.

Congrats to this year’s finalists- we look forward to seeing them all at Eldora from April 12th through the 17th! Stay tuned to Level 1’s social channels for live coverage and updates. Brought to you by Ikon PassWoodward EldoraSaga and 


The Finalists are:

Will Berman – Josh Berman’s brother was never able to make an appearance in a SuperKnown Finals based on merit alone so we’re playing the nepotism card to finally get him a spot. You’re
welcome Will.

Sam Zahner – No SuperKnown finals would be complete without Sam Zahner and we’re proud to welcome him to his 12th appearance as a SuperKnown Finalist! Maybe this will be the year!?!?

Tom Wallisch – The biggest name to get his start in SuperKnown, Wallisch took the victory in 2007 and went on to be one of the most dominant names between iconic film segments and a long list
of contest wins. In recent years Wallisch has shifted gears to Park City park laps and holding down the announcer's booth at X Games. Set for a rebirth and in need of a career boost we’re
excited for him to join this year’s crop of Finalists!

John Hartman – Made famous by such deep cuts as 2015’s Methbabies 2, Mr. Hartman has been pushing for the limits for the 50+ crowd for over a decade. His time has come, and we’re excited to
see him spin some park laps with other finalists 1/4 of his age.

Kai Jones – The youngest contestant in this year’s Finals just tuned 12 for the fourth year in a row.

Corey Vanular – The winner of SuperUnknown I and one of the most naturally gifted skiers to ever lap the park. Corey’s career was derailed by several unfortunate knee injuries, but since the
average Level 1 fan wasn’t even born in 2003 and they have no idea who he is we’re excited to add him to this year’s Finals at Woodward Eldora.

Pete Koukov – Selected for SuperKnown XVII Finals with an edit shot over 2 years ago it was borderline questionable whether he should get the invite to last year’s event. Another year later it’s even more questionable whether or not he should be in the event but since the Euro’s can’t make it we’re letting him join.

Wiley Miller  Saga is one of this year’s presenting sponsors so we need to have a Saga athlete. 

Tanner Hall – XGames producers hit us up and lobbied hard for him to get a spot- they’re really pushing his medal count to perpetuate the battle between him and Henrik for most decorated comp skiers of all time so we’re going in for it.

Matěj Švancer – Found him on TikTok All 4 triples had us sold on his talent. Congrats Matěj!

Similarly on the women's side we're re-working the concept of the event and are excited to announce the ladies field:

Elizabeth Swaney.

Congrats again to all of this year's Finalists.  Tune in to our social media channels during the week of April 12th to see all the action1

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