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SuperUnknown XVIII Finalists

Posted on April 02 2021

SuperUnknown XVIII Finalists

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If there’s anything that we can say for certain after spending the past few days reviewing this year’s SuperUnknown entries, its that the talent pool has never been deeper- there’s more variation in style, influence, and inspiration than ever before.

SuperUnknown XVIII pulled in entries from talented amateurs around the globe- each entrant displaying their own unique take on skiing- some street, some park, some pow, and some a mix of everything. Figuring out how to compare and judge one against the next continues to be a huge challenge and while we can’t say that we have the perfect formula, after spending countless hours consulting with athletes, media, and the Level 1 staff and rewatching most of these entries more times than we can count we have a list of Semi-Finalists and Finalists that we stand behind. WATCH ALL SEMI-FINALISTS HERE

This year we've picked 10 Men's Finalists and 2 Women's Finalists. The "Private" videos will become available during the week. Stay tuned!

With ongoing travel restrictions, the entirety of the men's field from SUXVII (2020) Finalists won’t be able to make it, and we are filling the empty spots with entrants from this year’s SuperUnknown XVIII (2021) submissions. However, all three 2020 women's Finalists can come - so we're going with a bit of a hybrid approach on this. From April 12 through the 17th, 5 female and 10 male finalists will meet at Woodward Eldora to compete for the SuperUnknown XVII+I title.  We felt this was the most fair approach to take!

Unfortunately, due to timeframe complications from Covid-19, we won’t be able to have a Wild-card vote for the Semi-Finalists like we normally do. We’re bummed about this but it is what it is. We will be launching a “Best Trick” poll soon that includes shots from the entire field - keep an eye out for that! 

Women's Finalists:



Men's Finalists:











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