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SuperUnknown XIX Finals Recap Part 3

Posted on May 04 2022

There's a special energy at Mammoth Mountain that's impossible to put into words - so we tried our best to show it to you with this 3rd recap edit from SuperUnknown XIX Finals. A couple fun jib features laid the groundwork for a classic Mammoth golden-hour session in Main Park - a perfect jump, a stellar crew, and killer vibes. Enjoy - still one more edit to go, stay tuned for Recap 4 to find out who won! 


Benjamin Carlund
Dasha Agafonova, 24 🇷🇺
Marion Balsamo, 19 🇺🇸
Tereza Korabova, 23 🇨🇿
Shonny Charbonneau, 26 🇨🇦 
Alexa Juncaj, 25  🇺🇸

Nicola Bolinger, 19 🇨🇭
Benjamin Carlund, 24 🇸🇪
Dakota Connole, 23 🇺🇸
Jackson Doremus, 24 🇺🇸
Mathieu Dufresne, 22 🇨🇦
William Kalfoss, 25 🇳🇴
Sam Lobinsky, 20 🇺🇸
Tyler Sosnowski, 22 🇺🇸
Camden Williams, 20 🇺🇸
Liam Baxter, 19  🇺🇸




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