SuperUnknown XVI Semi-Finalists

SuperUnknown XVI Semi-Finalists

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If there’s anything that we can say for certain after spending the past few weeks reviewing this year’s Superunknown entries, its that the talent pool has never been deeper- there’s more variation in style, influence, and inspiration than ever before.

Superunknown XVI pulled in nearly 100 entries from talented amateurs around the globe- each entrant displaying their own unique take on skiing- some street, some park, some pow, and some a mix of everything. Figuring out how to compare and judge one against the next continues to be a huge challenge and while we can’t say that we have the perfect formula, after spending countless hours consulting with athletes, media, and the Level 1 staff and rewatching most of these entries more times than we can count we have a list of 16 Semi-Finalists, and 10 Finalists that we stand behind, including the winner of our first ever Women’s category!

Help us decide the 11th Finalist for the SuperUnknown XV Finals!

Semi-Finalists will be announced throughout the week- check back each day for updates and help us decide who should take the 10th Men’s spot in the Finals- its up to YOU to decide!  Give each of the Semi-Finalists a watch and vote for your favorite to join the other Finalists and our crew at Winter Park Resort at the end of April for a shot at the title! The Wild Card Poll is open from 03-23 until 03-29 12:00pm (MST)- spread the word and vote once each day.


Yohan Lovey

Levi Ascher

Pete Koukov

Scott Nelson

Thibault Magnin

Mike Cappola

Emil Abdullin

Tucker Fitz Simons

Sampo Vallotton

Mason Kennedy

Jack Finn

Justin Kennedy

Brian Gardiner

Phil Gaucher

Martin Longhitano

Samuel Ålander


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