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Sticker Pack

$ 8

Sticker Pack
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Want some sweet stickers from Level 1 and our sponsors*?
Simple, cheap, and the best way to get the hookup on sweet new stickers from your favorite ski companies. The sticker packs will include a couple of our famous Level 1 die cuts (color may vary), and an assortment of stickers from our sponsors and other cool companies that we work with.

*Please note, you won’t actually be receiving a moving van full of stickers like some feel the picture above suggests. To clarify, sticker packs normally include:
  • 2 x 5" Level 1 die cuts
  • 1-2 x additional Level 1 sticker
  • 1 x Level 1 sticker sheet
  • 3-5 additional stickers depending on what’s in our sticker bin that week
  • (optional + $4): 2 x 9" Level 1 die cuts  
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